- providing specialist knowledge to clients -

At Unitec Marine, our consulting services aim to customize each client’s unique marine related request. Our team of experts has over 30 years of experience in the field of turnkey solutions, as well as maintenance and new build.

Unitec Marine will provide reliable, professional, and responsive service to our clients. We recognize our fiduciary responsibility to arrive at conclusions based on facts. We are committed to honesty and excellence in the performance of our work.

We will maintain high standards of integrity, coupled with a commitment to quality.

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We have a simple maxim which is if we cannot bring any specialized knowledge to bear on any given brief and provide worthwhile advice, then we will say so. We will not gratuitously take on a brief where we cannot see that we are going to be of value to a client.

Provide knowledge

Our business to date has succeeded by providing specialist knowledge to clients who may not have access to such knowledge, or applying a lateral look at a problem from an objective ‘outside’ viewpoint to produce a solution or reach an objective. Indeed, we are pleased to say that the majority of our clients now are long term, repeat users of our services.