Dry dock management

- Unitec Marine's expertice will get your vessel back to sea -

With our experience in management and supervision of hundreds of dry-docks, we can be to good support in demanding projects, with labor and pacification of the project. We have broad experience in refits of public areas and cabins, mechanical installation, new onboard systems, replacement of machinery and pipe systems, done over short timeframes that a dry-dock require.

Close management

Without tight control and close management a bad dry-dock experience is inevitable and can have a significant impact on the P&L of a vessel. Unitec Marine expertise in dry-dock management can help you avoid any problems and get your vessel back to sea as soon as possible.

dry dock cruise ship build construction management
  • 1 Pre dry-dock planning: vessel inspection, technical specification development, shipyard selection.
  • 2 During dry-dock: project management, quality control, scheduling, decision making.
  • 3 Post dry-dock: financial negotiation, warranty management.